City Pizza & Kebab Letchworth

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Menu City Pizza & Kebab Letchworth

Our restaurant type has the best pizza and kebab dishes in the city. You can enjoy a wide selection of dishes that are full of flavour and richness. The signature dishes on our menu include Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, and Lamb Shish Kebab. These dishes are provided with onion, mushroom and other accompaniments. In addition, we have some amazing burgers on our menu. The selection that we have includes Quarter Pounder Burger, Chicken Burger, and Veggie Burger. Our customers will be able to enjoy the variety and unrivalled taste with these dishes. Our restaurant type is indeed focused on providing a suitable meal for every customer. The carefully balanced menu has all the best of both main dishes and accompaniments. For the perfect additional items, the Side Orders menu is excellent. This menu has Chips, Salad in Pitta and Onion Rings among many other kinds of items. The Extras menu complements this selection with additional items. Humus and Tarama are on this menu for an exotic and exciting taste. We also have various desserts and drinks on the menu. Visit us to find out more about all the surprises we have for you. 

About City Pizza & Kebab Letchworth

Enjoy a packed plate full of richness at City Pizza & Kebab. We have a great assortment of dishes that are carefully selected with consideration for our customers. The dishes that we have included on the menu are the most popular with customers. Apart from that, the dishes are also prepared at the best level by a skilled team of cooks. The quality standards that we apply to our restaurant are among the best in the industry. We pride ourselves in being able to have top-notch standards as well as an access to great ingredients. We always pick the best ingredients from the right markets. We know that the flavour and aroma that comes in every plate is a result of quality ingredients as much as it is a testament to our cooking skill. City Pizza & Kebab thus does all the preparation after ensuring that every aspect of the service has been thoroughly checked. Our tableside service is also magnificent. We are committed to delivering a world-class service to all customers who visit us. We are always friendly, attentive, quick and passionate. Come and enjoy the warmth of our service and the greatness of our food.

Restaurant location City Pizza & Kebab Letchworth

Feast at the finest restaurant in the area today. Visit us at 74 Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3DD and enjoy the best pizza & kebab takeaway. Our dishes are always fantastic and the atmosphere at our establishment is uniquely vibrant. Our customers can enjoy the dishes right at our premises or they can choose to receive the food via our food delivery service. The delivery service is always fast and efficient. To get in touch with us, download our restaurant apps from the App Store or Google Play. Make an order today and receive the best hospitality services from the best restaurant in town.

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